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Mission & Vision

Our Focus . . . Our Kids

 Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow!



The mission of Brookside Elementary, a diverse, “California Distinguished School” is to guarantee all students the opportunity to achieve academic success through collaboration and focus on quality teaching for learning. 



The vision of Brookside Elementary School is to provide a quality educational program designed to ensure that all students become productive, responsible, independent thinkers so that they can contribute to the global, diverse, changing, technological society, as life-long learners.


Our Pledge and Commitment

We pledge to provide a safe, caring, stimulating, challenging all-inclusive school wide environment so that students can develop physically, socially, and emotionally. We collaborate with parents and community to help all children acquire skills, become responsible, develop a positive self-concept and fulfill their learning potential.


We commit to use data, research based strategies, collaborate with stakeholders, and work as a professional learning community to help all students attain the skills, knowledge, desire and self-discipline necessary to be successful at school. We strive to challenge students’ thinking and increase their passion for learning. We actively encourage our children to be of good character, with integrity, a sense of social responsibility, and pride.



Belief Statements

We believe that:

 1. All children can learn and all teachers can teach.

2. A safe, welcoming and secure environment is essential for teaching and learning.

3. Quality education requires quality staff, programs, facilities, equipment, and technology.

4. All students deserve the opportunity to learn, achieve success, and become productive citizens.

5. All children should have equal access to quality curriculum, staff, programs, and education.

6. All people have unique gifts that should be valued and shared with the world.

7. Collaboration increases children’s ability to learn.

8. The school, home and community are accountable for improving student achievement.

9. There is strength in diversity and collaboration.

10. High expectations result in higher achievement.

11. All students must be prepared to function effectively in an ever changing, technological,           culturally diverse society.

12. Students should participate in their education and be held accountable for their learning.