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Why 1:1?

The makeup of a 21st century classroom is evolving as the skills and abilities needed by those entering the workforce changes. Beaumont Unified School District and Brookside Elementary recognize the rapid changes that are being made in today’s global environment and the need to foster learning environments which reflect contemporary exchanges and interactions. Today’s learners require current tools and resources to interact, communicate, and learn. Technology plays a much greater role in today’s learning process and must be seamlessly integrated throughout the educational program. Increasing student access to technology is essential.


Individual use of devices supports student empowerment in creating their own learning, making it engaging, accessible, and personal. With this 1:1 initiative and the ability to connect wirelessly to a wealth of information, students and teachers will be active collaborators in developing learning.

A 1:1 classroom will:

  • Allow students to transition from consumers of information to creative producers and owners of knowledge

  • Enhance student interaction with the content

  • Enable students and teachers to implement transformative uses of technology

  • Promote the development of self-directed, self-reflective, critical thinking, problem-solving, lifelong learners

  • Provide equitable access to students to communicate, interact, and share information through resources outside the doors of the classroom

With the adoption of the rigorous California Standards, a great portion of the Mathematics and English curriculum is web based, replacing traditional paper textbooks.  Many teaching tools are technology based as well, including video clips, presentations, SMART boards, educational apps, etc.  Providing constant and reliable access to technology both in and outside the classroom is critical in helping students succeed. Our 1:1 initiative will help students become capable users of technology, preparing them for college and career opportunities in the upcoming global marketplace.